Frequently Asked Questions

We pick up the phone, respond to WhatsApp, SMS, and e-mail for all other questions ! Don’t hesitate to give us a buzz.


Absolutely ! We have 4 spots reserved for clients just at our store front. You can leave your car there for the duration of your RDV and while shopping next door at the bike shop.

What do I bring

The basics are shoes and cycling shorts. Otherwise, imagine a warm summer ride. Bring all of that ! Helmet only recommended if you come by bike or want to test aero positions.


It was only a matter of time 🙂 Let us know. You can bring up to 3 bikes to a session, or just one and with your report, you can transfer your position over. We offer deals for multiple bikes.

I Don't have a bike yet

Size before you buy ! The Retül Müve machine can test every theoretical position possible to determine the right size, and to test all possible components. The smart move !

I am a new cyclist

A Bike Fit is for every cyclist no matter the experience. Newer cyclists benefit by accelerating the learning curve and by being sure to prevent injury from the onset. Don’t hesitate !


Shoes are one of the 3 critical points of contact. It’s critical that all shoes are set up perfectly. Bring them all, just like if you have multiple saddles you are choosing between.

What If i need...

If your shoes are worn out, your cleats used, a broken saddle, whatever it is, we have it all ! Forgot your shorts or socks, we have you covered. Gels for the ride home, we have you covered !

Bike Service

Human and machine. We need both working properly to fully enjoy our sport. Let us know in advance to book a RDV for a service after your fit at the Ciclissimo shop just next door.


Every appointment will take at least 1 hour. For a Bike Fit, you can expect anywhere from 1.5 to 3 hrs depending on the service. Follow ups are to be completed within the month.


Write us here and we will get back to your right away !

Feel free to let us know what kind of bike you have and when you are free to come in.

You can also simply book online – find your spot, choose your service, and get an instant confirmation ! We’ll see you in the Bike Fit studio !