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Geneva – Valais

Buying a new bike?
Already have a bike?

A Bike Fit is your first upgrade to turning a bike into YOUR bike. Whether it’s avoiding injuries, increasing comfort, becoming more efficient and gaining power, a Bike Fit is for everyone and for every bike.


Watch below to see what some of the process looks like !

Why get a bike fit ?

A Bike Fit is for every cyclist. It is the foundation on which our sport is built.

For every level, beginner to advanced, the process is critical.

Injury Prevention

Avoid all together inevitable chronic pains and discomforts.


You don’t have to be in pain. Comfort is for everbody.


Use your bike to come back from your injury, not to worsen it !


Refine your pedaling technique and stop wasting energy.


Push harder on the pedals, build muscle and strength.

GET Aero

The finishing touch to watch your average speed explode.


From a new cyclist with his or her first bike, to a seasoned cyclist with

years of experience, a Bike Fit is for everyone.

Road bike

The ultimate blend of speed, power, endurance and comfort.

Tri bike

A tool for aerodynamics and speed with a base of stability and comfort.

mountain bike

Balance is key when the grades are steep, and terrain unpredictable.

Trail bike

While out exploring, all day comfort and enduarance are key.

Gravel bike

To do it all, we want that balance of spotiveness and comfort.

spinning bike

Indoor riding can be unforgiving without pauses or suspension.

Touring bike

Days and weeks on end require special attention to injury prevention.

electric bike

Commuting is great ! Riding in pain isn’t. Comfort is key here.

From Our Clients

Because every client has different needs, every Bike Fit has to be tailored in a unique way. Let us know how your Bike Fit worked for you !

“As a new cyclist, I needed to learn the basics. But I didn’t realise how important position and technique were, even for a beginner!”

Gwen Eamer

road cyclist, Geneva

“I ride the track, the road, the mountain and commute to work by bike. Peter looked at all my bikes and explained why each one needs a specific and different set up.”

James Connel

everything, Versoix

“I tinkered with my bike for years without ever being comfortable or feeling natural. I was doing everything backwards!”

David Cornish

triathlete, Vézenaz

“I nearly stopped riding because of neck and saddle pain which made me very sad. I tried so many saddles until Peter explained to me the concept of weight distribution.”

Sandra Genillard

commuter, Rolle

Get in touch

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Feel free to let us know what kind of bike you have and when you are free to come in.


Have more questions ? Check out the FAQ page. Or just send us a note and we’ll get right back to you !


La Voie-Creuse 16

1202 Geneva


Rte d’Italie 156

1958 Uvrier


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